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Optimism and dopamine-full fabric collection

Fabric collection in bright pink and orange. Pink and orange color combo brings a full load of energy!

Firts I would love to explain the inspiration behind this collection: I love summer. And always feel so sad when it comes to the last days every year. This time I spent these last days creating the most energizing collection of prints. I call it Optimism. It just reminds me that the summer will come back next year again and the sun it not getting lost. The collection is definitely inspired by the Dopamine clothing trend.

I chose the most hot ecosystem – Desert – to be the focal spot in the collection and surrounded it by hot-air-like-wavy prints.

And secondly – where you can find my collection alive: You can check fabrics on Spoonflower and Raspberry Creek fabrics (they both print my designs on their fabric bases) or you can see the ready made items on my website or Society6 and Zazzle. Hope to bring some sunny energy to you, too!

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